Healthy Cattle Means Lower Death Loss, Increased Gains And Higher Profits


Supplementing with Boviglo in farm demonstrations has shown to improve general well-being, reduce stress, and strengthen immune, blood, digestive, hormonal and reproductive systems.



Calves born to mothers fed Boviglo withstand the stress of birth better and appear more alert and vigorous right after they are born.

Given orally at weaning time or on arrival at the feedlot, calves exhibit a lower stress response and go back on feed and water at a quicker rate. On farm demonstrations show that calves fed Boviglo exhibit a noticeable increase in feed conversions and improved gains.

Analysis of sperm from Bulls fed Boviglo show a higher sperm count and increased motility.


We’ve found in the dairy barn an increase in butter fat percentage, Milk protein and a decrease in sematic cell counts. There is a noticeable increase in the visible signs when an animal is in heat streamlining the artificial insemination process, usually resulting in the female catching the first time.

All of these factors, whether in the dairy or beef herd lead to a more productive and healthier cow lifespan, reduced stress on the animal and increased producer profits.

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