Feedlot Trial

MacGregor, MB
February 1st – May 1st, 2016
We are a backgrounding feedlot that feeds a low energy diet. We grow our calves and prepare them for the finishing lot and we do not use implants.

To date we have started approximately 3,900 – 450-600 weight, feeder cattle on Boviglo versus our traditional method of Draxxin, Vitamin A, D and Muse injections.

Upon arrival of calves, we now use 5 ml of Boviglo oral, along with our vaccine program and Ivomec.
Our success rate on this program has met our expectations. The cattle look much more alert and our pull rate has been 6 to 8% which we think is quite acceptable. When we do pull cattle that need an antibiotic, we use an antibiotic plus 12 ml of Boviglo and our response to antibiotics in conjunction with Boviglo has worked extremely well. We have had as good as no retreats. And after treatment, calves are very quick to respond and get back on feed.

Our average daily gain has improved to .2 to .3 pounds/day with 6 to 8% less feed intake over the 70 day trial. We have also noticed that our feeders are much more content and easier to work with. We believe that is due to the level of magnesium in this supplement.

These Cattle were received in mid January to mid April.

Traditional Processing Protocol on 550 lb calves:

• Bovishield Gold 5
• Ultrabek 7
• Vitamin A, D
• Muse
• Draxxin
• Ivomec
Boviglo Processing Method on 550 lb calves:

• 5 ml Boviglo sprayed in the mouth
• Bovishield Gold 5 – 2 ml
• Ultrabek 7 – 2 ml
• Ivomec
The Boviglo Protocol enables us to feed Boviglo for 100 days and increase our feed conversion at the same cost as our traditional method.

-Rocking U Feeders


“We were having issues with our calves this spring and our traditional method was a shot of Liquamycin and Vitamin A, D. We were having problems with our calves scouring, weak calves, etc., then we started using Boviglo instead of the injections. We have had tremendous results and have treated some calves for scours and Boviglo has cured all of our cases.”

– Graydon Farms


“I love this product. All calves get it at birth- they just respond so much faster to get up and suck. The few that I have seen start to get scours, I give them 5ml, two days in a row and it is amazing how fast they respond. I have only been using this for 2 weeks. Thanks Harold!”

– John Martens