“I bought Eberglo last week. AMAZING!  I cannot believe it!  I’ve used probiotics before but I’ve never had results like this! Thanks to Eberglo! So glad you’re selling it. I don’t have to run to the city or order it. What it has helped with the most for me is Thrush. My pony and I have been battling thrush in her feet for years!!  Last winter I fed haylage and her feet looked great!  This got me thinking about the benefits of fermented feeds. I can’t feed silage in the summer, then I heard about Eberglo. Thrush was back this spring. I started using Eberglo and it’s gone!  She’s standing nice and looks comfortable. My horse ended up with thrush too after being sick twice and needing antibiotics. Her frogs are Thrush free now too!”

– Tanya